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Dear friends,

On 10 th of July 2013 was born our first landseer litter.

IMG 1228 web

We have 3 boys and 2 girls:

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Boy 1 - Arthur Loved by the Sea - Sold

IMG 1367     IMG 1369

Arthur    Arthur1

Arthur3   1000566 10201833258062898 1965710936 n


Arthur loved by the Sea is already with his new owners! Here are some pictures with his new family:
Benny 019

The new owner send us pictures of Arthur - 5 months old:
5monaten 1

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Arthur 9 months old:
Artur 9monaten

Boy 2 - After Baileys Loved by the Sea - sold

IMG 1420 day11    IMG 1429 day11

AfterBaileys    AfterBaileys1

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After Baileys lives with his new owner and many friends:)
After Baileys 3 months old

Here is he on four months age:

After Baileys 4months

After Baileys is often training with his young friend:
After Baileys best puppy1

And before reaching age of six months he already won "best puppy"
After Baileys Best puppy

Boy 3 - Atlas Loved by the Sea - sold

IMG 1413 day11    day11 IMG 1406

Atlas    Atlas1

IMG 2006     998446 10201814572435769 981713682 n

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Atlas travelled a long way to his new home. After the journey he has a new friend:
He often baths in the sea:
Or rest in the garden or villa with his new friends:


He also have a best friend just on his age:

On the age of 9 months and 2 days Atlas won "best junior". Here is a picture with his friends after the show:

Girl 1 - Alisa Loved by the Sea

IMG 1450    IMG 1447 day11

Alisa    Alisa1

Alisa2    988298 10201814603036534 1464142056 n

Girl 2 - Adora Loved by the Sea

IMG 1461 day11     IMG 1463 day11

Adora    Adora1

Adora2    1003506 10201833255782841 540069783 n

1150343 10201814579795953 715483732 n

Mother of the litter Foxy Hope of the Sea

1017257 10201480801371701 2110331543 n

HD A, ED 0

Interchampion, Junior Champion of Bulgaria, Champion of Bulgaria, Champion of Serbia and Champion of Macedonia

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Father of the litter is  Estike-Berczy Baileys:

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Maci 420847 450464921661734 1642161046 n

HD A, ED 0

Interchampion Expectant, Junior Champion of Hungaria, Champion of Hungaria, Champion of Serbia, Grand Champion of Hungaria, Hungarian Champion of Champions in Landseer Breed 2012

World Dog Show 2013 - Second place

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